Click HERE to download steaming video directions


1. In the email, simply click the big green button that says “GET NOW”. This button will take you to where you will create a free account to watch all of your recitals. This email link is a ONE TIME USE link. After the account has been created, the link will no longer function. Once you press the green button to add the recital to your account, there is a no returns policy in place.

2. Once your account has been created, you are free to share the account information with up to THREE family members WITHIN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD. Attempting to access the account on more than four devices will result in the account being CLOSED. Closed accounts are non-refundable. Anyone with access to your account can delete the recital, change your password etc, so it's your responsibility if you wish to share account information with up to three people IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD.

3. You must have internet access. If your internet isn't working, you can't view your recital. Also, if your internet is slow or intermittent, your viewing experience may suffer. You may have to turn HD off. (HD is located on top right of your screen.) Turning HD off is fine for smaller screens, but is not recommended for larger screens. 

4. Apple TV users…Enjoy all of your recitals in full 1080P high definition! Starting with the 4th Generation Apple TV (released in October 2015) Apple introduced access to their App Store, which is required to install the MediaZilla App. After installing the MediaZilla App, simply sign in to your account to enjoy all of your recitals!

Please note that Apps for Apple iOS, Android, Roku, Samsung, Amazon Fire are currently in development. Once the apps are available, you will be notified via email.


  • For security, this is a streaming service only (a little like Netflix), there are no video downloads.


  • Deletion of the recital in your account cannot be replaced free of charge, you'll need to purchase it again.


  • Passwords can be changed anytime. Always use strong passwords.

      If you forget your password, you can retrieve it online using your account email.


  • For child protection your recital performances are secure. Video content can't be shared with other accounts, websites or on social media.